The Golden Mean is the Source of the “Life Force” that cancer cells lack.


Thus far, science has failed to find a cure for cancer. I believe this is because they are looking in the wrong place.


An awareness of the spiritual aspect of this reality is the missing ingredient to understanding cancer.


We have a duty to humanity – especially to children – to do better when it comes to cancer treatment. The REAL truth about cancer matters.

My name is Amanda Arcadia.

Through a series of mystical events and several years of study and research, I have re-discovered a form of energy healing that seems to have the potential to address the root cause of cancer. I’ve learned that I have the ability to perform this kind of energy work because I am what is sometimes referred to as a “winged soul” – someone who has merged with her higher angelic aspect and who therefore has unusual abilities.

I’m not the only person on the planet (by far) who is a winged soul, but I just happen to be the one whose soul mission is to share and teach about Golden Mean Healing and its relationship to cancer.

Golden Mean Healing works by resetting the etheric template, which is held within the water in the body, that cells are birthed from. The process is completely painless, and doesn’t even require me to touch the person that I’m working on.

This is the method I used to help a woman named Karen to clear cancer from her body. All it took was three Golden Mean Healing sessions for her bloodwork to show no more sign of cancer.

Karen had breast cancer, but I see no reason why Golden Mean Healing wouldn’t work on other types of cancer as well. I’m currently attempting to find people who are willing to let me test this healing method on them.

As a mum myself, I’m especially interested in creating opportunities to try Golden Mean Healing on babies and children with cancer. I can think of no worthier cause than to be able to potentially spare these little angels (and their families) from having to go through the agony of conventional cancer treatment.

The Golden Mean…

The mysterious mathematical relationship that for centuries, has fascinated great thinkers, artists, and metaphysicians alike. And that, as it turns out, underpins the proper functioning of all organic life – including our cells.

Also known as the Golden Ratio and the Divine Proportion, the Golden Mean is found everywhere in nature – but the big question is, WHY? The answer points to the most important thing there is to know about cancer and how it can potentially be reversed: 

Resonance with the Golden Mean allows cells to receive the life force energy they need to exist, so that they can support the proper functioning of the organs that they’re found in.

Which means that when certain cells aren’t getting the life force energy that they need, the organ in question becomes cancerous, in an attempt to keep that organ working.

And which ALSO means that the primary way we should be “treating” cancer is by finding ways to give the affected cells adequate life force energy – not poisoning our bodies with chemotherapy and radiation, or mutilating them with surgery.

This connection between the Golden Mean and the creation of life force energy – also known as phase conjugate implosion – is the secret behind little-known and suppressed cancer healing methods that the vast majority of medical doctors unfortunately do not know about.

From intravenous ozone therapy to Rife’s Beam Ray device to Priore’s pulsation machine to blood electrification to deuterium depletion to vortexed water to mistletoe therapy, the key to the efficacy of these methods is the Golden Mean.

In other words, these methods all rely on one principle: “reminding” the body of its ability to connect to the infinite sea of Life Force Energy, through the introduction of or restoration of the Golden Mean-based proportions that support all life.

Which begs the question…

What if there was a way to tap into the healing power of the Golden Mean WITHOUT the equipment that these great inventors used, or without trying to source sometimes difficult to find therapies that may not be available or permitted in your location?

What if there were certain natural-born healers who have the ability to envelop you or your loved one in healing Golden Mean-based energy, somewhat like boosting a car with a dead battery?

And what if you could empower yourself to maximize your chances of sparking your own remission, by learning how to recognize the presence of the Golden all around you?

I invite you to follow along with me as I begin trying out this exciting ancient-yet-cutting-edge energy healing method on the Golden Mean Healing Tour.

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