Did you know it’s been found that in many cases, people who develop cancer are living over a geographic location that emits harmful earth energies, often due to two streams of water flowing over one another underground?

These harmful energies distort the Golden Mean-based resonance that is responsible for the formation/birthing of normal cells in the body, which can result in cancer.

Visit https://geopathology.com/geopathology-and-cancer/ for more information, and to have your home’s location dowsed by an expert in this field.


In order to be able to heal cancer at the deepest level, you need to understand it at the deepest level.

If you’re curious about how Golden Mean Healing can help you to decipher and clear the root cause of your cancer? Book a Cancer Healing Clarity call with me (Amanda) here.

To your empowered, permanent remission,


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