In order to be able to heal cancer at the deepest level, you need to understand it at the deepest level.

Do you wish you had the strength to say no to conventional cancer treatment, but you feel too scared to do so?

Are you in remission currently, but worried that it’s going to come back, and concerned about how you’ll deal with it if it does?

Do family and friends think you’re crazy for considering alternative healing methods, and you’d like to know the science to back up your intuitive sense that conventional treatment isn’t the route you want to take?

Then my online course, The Secret of Cancer, is for you! It will give you a much deeper understanding of cancer – and how to keep or put yourself into remission – than virtually any medical professional possesses.

Because it’s going to teach you the METAPHYSICAL cause of cancer (medicine deals only with the physical or material symptoms).

It will teach you how to stop cancer from being able to form in your body, and it will share my story of how I discovered these powerful truths, which will expand your consciousness and help you to accept that you are worthy of true healing.

You see, an approach to healing cancer will only be effective to the degree that you are convinced of HOW it will work. This is why chemotherapy and radiation (and sometimes even surgery) are not permanent solutions, and why cancer frequently returns.

Until you are unquestionably convinced of the “how” of how a cancer healing method or approach to cancer prevention works, it will have a limited or temporary effect. You need to grasp the deepest foundations of Truth in order to become your most vibrantly healthy self.

The Secret of Cancer will teach you the “how” behind how and why people have had incredible, dramatic remissions, and why certain suppressed cancer treatments worked – and will give you new hope and excitement for the wonderful life that lies before you once you can put fear of cancer out of your mind entirely.

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I look forward to serving as your mentor and guide!

~ Amanda