The reason breast cancer in particular so often comes back is that the psycho-spiritual issues that cause the breasts to begin producing rapidly-multiplying cells are very often “activated” on a regular basis.

What I mean by this is that as a woman, our intimate relationships (and the way we nurture those close to us) tend to be a huge part of our lives. The breasts play a key metaphorical role in these close relationships, as they are used by the body to generate nourishment and nurturing for our dependents (even if you don’t have a baby or young child). In fact, adult male animals even drink the breast milk of their mates in emergency situations!

Therefore, if there is a perceived need to provide more or better nurturing or nourishment to a partner or dependent, the breast will continue to create cancerous cells.

Unless the core psycho-spiritual issue (fear) related to one or more of your intimate relationships and your role within that relationship is addressed, breast cancer is very likely to keep coming back.

Even women who have had double mastectomies will sometimes find that breast cancer returns. The reason for this is that the psycho-spiritual issue that was causing the cancer has not been identified and dealt with.


In order to be able to heal cancer at the deepest level, you need to understand it at the deepest level.

If you’re curious about how Golden Mean Healing can help you to decipher and clear the root cause of your cancer? Book a Cancer Healing Clarity call with me (Amanda) here.

To your empowered, permanent remission,


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